Member Directory

Maldonado, Jesus E. (Active)
National Zoological Park
Molecular systematics
Mann, William M. (Deceased)
Manville, Albert M. (Active)
Johns Hopkins University
Wildlife Conservation
Manville, Richard H. (Deceased)
Marsh, Millard C. (Deceased)
Matthews, Elizabeth (Liz) R. (Active)
Plant community structure
Mawdsley, Jonathan (Active)
United States National Museum of Natural History
Maxon, William R. (Deceased)
Mcatee, Waldo L. (Deceased)
McCabe, Richard E. (Non-resident)
McDiarmid, Roy W. (Active)
United States Geological Survey
McGinley, Ronald J. (Former Member)
McKenney, Randolph E. B. (Deceased)
Meanley, Mortimer B. (Deceased)
Meehean, O. Lloyd (Deceased)
Merriam, John C. (Deceased)
Metz, Mark (Active)
United States Department of Agriculture
Lepidoptera Systematics/Diversity
Meyer, Frederick G. (Deceased)
Middleton, William (Deceased)
Miller, Gerrit S. (Deceased)
Miller, Scott E. (Active)
United States National Museum of Natural History
Lepidoptera Diversity
Miller, Stuart D. (Deceased)
Morris, Edward L. (Deceased)
Morrison, Joseph P. E. (Deceased)
Morton, Eugene S. (Non-resident)
Myers, George S. (Deceased)