Member Directory

Bailey, Vernon O. (Deceased)
Ball, Carelton R. (Deceased)
Board of Managers
Ballantine, David L. (Active)
United States National Museum of Natural History
Bancroft, Tom (Non-resident)
Banko, Winston E. (Deceased)
Banks, Richard C. (Emeritus)
Barber, Herbert S. (Deceased)
Barrows, Edward M. (Active)
Georgetown University
Entomology of Dyke Marsh
Bartlett, Harley H. (Deceased)
Bartsch, Paul (Deceased)
Batra, Suzanne W. T. (Active)
United States Department of Agriculture
Bee behavior
Baum, Henry E. (Deceased)
Beattie, William R. (Deceased)
Benedict, James E. (Deceased)
Berryman, Jack H. (Deceased)
Blake, Sidney F. (Deceased)
Blockstein, David E. (Active)
Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences
Avian Ecology/Conservation
Bogan, Michael A. (Former Member)
Boness, Daryl (Non-resident)
Brady, Maurice K. (Deceased)
Britton, Nathaniel L. (Deceased)
Brouha, Paul (Non-resident)
Brown, Edgar (Deceased)
Brown, John W. (Active)
United States National Museum of Natural History
Lepidoptera Systematics/Diversity
Bryant, Harold C. (Deceased)
Buechner, Helmut K. (Deceased)
Buell, Noble E. (Deceased)
Bulmer, Walter (Active)
Northern Virginia Community College
Vertebrate Ecology
Burleigh, Thomas D. (Deceased)
Burroughs, John (Deceased)
Busck, August (Deceased)