Use of the Property

(Rules authorized by the Board of Managers, March 27, 1984)

  1. Any member who brings guests to the Island is responsible for ensuring reasonable use and maintenance of the cabin and surroundings. Members and guests using the cabin are responsible for removing litter and garbage.
  2. All members and guests shall register each day while on the Island and shall indicate each night spent there by placing an X to the left of their names. Members are urged to note in the register maximum and minimum daytime temperatures and interesting field observations.
  3. A member shall notify the President or Secretary in advance that he will bring guests to the Island during the spring and fall outings.
  4. Dogs shall not be brought onto the property except on leash.
  5. Radios, television sets, or phonographs shall not be used on the property.
  6. No member or guest shall remove from the Island any plant or animal, if such removal detracts from the natural beauty of the property or endangers the existence of the species there.
  7. No living tree shall be cut down or trimmed, except by permission of the House and Grounds Committee.
  8. No fires shall be made on the property except in the places provided.
  9. Lights and fires must be attended at all times and completely extinguished before leaving the cabin unoccupied.
  10. Members shall obtain their own firewood or replace in the woodshed and kitchen the amount used.
  11. All members should share the small amount of work necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the cabin and grounds. Instructions for such work may be obtained from the House and Grounds Committee.
  12. A member who comes upon vandals should report the incident as soon as possible to the U.S. Park Police, Glen Echo (telephone number appears on the inspection duty reminder and on the annual Club roster), and, if possible, await the arrival of an officer. Also, report the incident to the Chairman or another member of the House and Grounds Committee.
  1. The House and Grounds Committee is charged with the enforcement of these rules.