Robinson, Michael H. (Former Member)
Michael was born on January 7, 1929, in Preston, Lancashire, England. He earned a Certificate of Education in 1956, a BS degree at the University of Wales in 1963, and a PhD degree in zoology at Oxford University in 1966. His career in the New World and at the Smithsonian began in 1966 as staff member at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Station in Panama. In 1980, he came to Washington as the assistant director of the National Zoo with gradual promotions until he became director in 1984, from which he retired at the end of April 2000. Michael is an eminent animal behaviorist, particularly in tropical biology. He is the author of 150 publications, lately focusing on the philosophy and organization of zoos and the role of zoos in conservation. He has done research in 18 countries in addition to Panama, including Kenya, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Assam, Papua, New Guinea, Brunei, and Venezuela. Michael was elected to the Washington Biologists’ Field Club in 1986 and terminated membership in 1988.