Miller, Gerrit S. (Deceased)
Gerrit was born on December 6, 1869, in Peterboro, New York, to Gerrit Smith and Susan Miller. He married Elizabeth Eleanor Page in 1897, and later married Anne Chapin Gates in 1921. He attended Harvard University and received an AB degree in 1894. Gerrit, a zoologist, began by working as assistant curator of mammals in the US National Museum, staying in that position from 1898 until 1909 when he became curator. In 1940, he left his position as curator and in 1941 became associate in biology. He was a fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, member of the American Philosophers Society, corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, member of the Zoological Society of London, member of the Cosmos Club, and member of the Arts Club of Washington. His publications include: The Families and Genera of Bats, Catalogue of the Land Mammals of Western Europe in the British Museum, List of North American Land Mammals in the United States National Museum (1911), List of North American Recent Mammals (1923), as well as around 400 monographs and other contributions to scientific journals. Gerrit was elected to membership in the Washington Biologists’ Field Club in 1901 and terminated his membership in 1910. Gerrit died on February 24, 1956.