Collins, Guy N. (Deceased)
Guy, a plant explorer and geneticist, was born on August 9, 1872, in Mertensia, New York. He attended Syracuse University, but left as an undergraduate to join O. F. Cook on a survey expedition to Liberia. Shortly after the Spanish-American War, he joined the Office of Botanical Investigations and, with O. F. Cook, explored Puerto Rico, resulting in their 1903 Economic Plants of Porto Rico. He entered the Seed Laboratory and devised much of the apparatus and statistical techniques for sampling seed lots for germination and purity. His first work on maize came in 1909, and he worked out much of its inheritance over the years. He died of endocarditis on August 14, 1938, at the age of 66 in Lanham, Maryland. He was a 1900 founder of the Washington Biologists’ Field Club. He served on the original building committee in 1900 and the site selection committee in 1901. He terminated his membership in 1906.